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Nicola (Received Sept/2002)

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Collecting Sticks



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In between work (2 days a week), study, playgroup, toy library, endless rounds of "ring-a-ring-a-rosie" and visits to the park, there's still an average of 6 nappy changes a day.

But Nicola is a delight, she talks and sings all the time, and is generally very happy and co-operative (just the occasional tantrum so far.) I've attached photos showing two of Nicola's favourite activities: collecting sticks and having a slide. They were taken while we were on holidays in Mildura (a 5-6 hour drive north-east of Melbourne, on the Murray River.) We had a lovely time - Peter had 5 weeks off between finishing up his old job and starting with a new company, and seeing it was two years since we'd had a holiday, we decided to get away for about 10 days. Mildura was sunny and warm during the days, but cold at night (down to -2 degrees one night: nothing to compare with Regina, of course, but as cold as it gets in inland Australia.)

The saga of our extension is continuing: we're still in the planning stage, including getting floor timber samples and paint colour sample pots to paint patches on the walls to see if we think we can live with the recommendations from the architect (ie. Peter's brother.) The dream of having the extension completed by the end of the year was never likely to come off, but hopefully the first half of 2003????


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